Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My most favourite of all the blueberry, I eat these daily, at least one cup, they are low in calories, are action packed to help circulatory health, blueberries are anti-inflammatory foods, of course most berries are.  They do help lower cholesterol and they aid in weight loss and can even reverse the signs of aging. They help prevent macular degeneration such as  seeing small detail etc.  Blueberries do go way beyond  being an antioxidant. You want to ensure you are eating at at least a cup a day. They help boost the immune system, so think about that whilst your eating a cup a day, add a little pro biotic yogurt and you have one super action packed little desert that is low in caloric intake, and huge health benefits. Blueberries are loaded with Vitamin C and can help reduce even belly fat, there is even proof through medical studies that there is a slight improvement in glucose and insulin control. The pigment in the blueberries is caused by Anthrocyanin, making the blueberry the very best anti-oxidant that there is. Nothing can beat the blueberry, and they  taste great, and are naturally sweet! Enjoy, your blueberries!<br><br>So now we  have spoken on some of my favourites, blueberries, pecans, sun seeds, and bell peppers. I hope you have enjoyed the mini reviews on some lovely health filled foods, that can only make you better than you already are!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pecans are a natural source of vitamin E a fantastic antioxidant that zap free radicals. They are good for the body but great for the mind too! I eat a handful about 18 halves a day, they help  with  coronary heart disease, and can help  lower the bad LDL cholesterol which can clog arteries, Yikes! Pecans, the little wonder food can even help reduce the chances of cancer. Approximately 21 pecan halves are equal to 195 calorie's, so you are looking at about one ounce as a nice pick me up or place them in the kids lunch box for a treat. I love mine on my daily salad. Pecans have fiber, and NO SODIUM (how nice is that)! They do have calcium, potassium and some zinc along with magnesium and protein. It's a win win  when you  have your handful of pecans a day.  Hooray for nut trees!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Sunflower Seeds are good for your health.

Sunflower seeds are at least 20 percent protein they also contain about  50 percent of oil, contain unsaturated fats, they have linoleic acid in them, that which helps cholesterol deposits in arteries and veins. If you are trying to change eating habits or have addiction of  high fat foods you may want to eat sun seeds, due to the fact that they are  a great alternative to chips and crisps etc, and they can help break  cravings? Voila another little  wonder food  mother nature gave us. There is iron in sun seeds and if you don't mind skipping some meat now  and then why not eat some sun seeds and pecans or walnut meats  in place of red meat. Sunflower seeds  are loaded with potassium which of  course helps reduce sodium in the body, they have a source of magnesium too which indeed helps to absorb calcium, keeping in mind strong bones and teeth, so in short  sunflower seeds are a high source of B vitamins, and B vitamins look after a nice glowing skin and a smiling digestive track, be good to your brain and have some sun seeds. Raw ones are  better for you, I eat them  in every salad. I purchase mine at the health food store and keep them in the fridge. Ensure you do not buy processed ones  as they loose the value, eat raw! I personally love the look of sunflowers they are always happy! My dad has  always grown many of them in  his garden for years, now, I snapped a photo of this one to share with you.  Have a great day.. I will be making a few more posts on foods ....  next up  will be  Crystals .... 

Friday, September 10, 2010

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Photochemical (what is that)? Talking on the Body today
This is the combination of fibers, or fermentable dietary fibers, anti-inflammatory and poly phenol antioxidants, in short these are chemical compounds that are in the plants such as beta carotene.
So, today I want to talk on The Bell Pepper Family
Jam packed with our vitamin C, they are effective against cataracts, claimed that they can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes no doubt due to the vitamin C, capsaicin and flavinoids What is a flavinoid? (which is really the plant pigment), (when you see a nice bowl of vegetables and or fruit they get their color from the flavinoid, any rich color veggie or fruit is the one to select, as they are the best for our health. The Bell pepper can help against blood clots and can even be a factor in reduction of cholesterol levels.
Cholesterol, is the plaque that forms in the veins causing stenosis, or a narrowing of the vein, the blood flow is limited, and eventually if bad enough, can be the cause of stroke, heart attack, or PAD which is peripheral artery disease. If you do have high cholesterol, start eating a veggie diet, very little meat, exercise, and start helping reverse the process. Oatmeal and pecans are great little cholesterol reducers.
I personally love the bell pepper family, and ensure I eat one everyday be it yellow, red or green. They taste great, are super healthy and look wonderful as a side dish on your plate. A key to eating healthy, is making it look great as well. ~~ Have a great day, and eat clean~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A warm welcome to you all:

I have created this blog to hopefully provide awareness on a number of topics, and I hope you visit often and enjoy this peace filled creative place, perhaps I should of named it (the Spiritual Couch) or spa or haven. I just want you to enjoy your time here it will be well spent. I love to teach, mentor, provide insight and I will write on topics that hopefully resonate with you. Leaving you with food for thought or something to add to your tool box of spiritual of growth whilst we are on this earthen journey yet I am sure you feel sometimes you float just in-between heaven and earth gathering information, socking it away in the subconscious to be used later on. As we are all universally connected on the Karmic Wheel of the journey of life.

I write about real situations, things that will apply to your life, things to help you live better, eat better, spiritual growth, medical insight, topics that are deep, and some that will be lighthearted. One of my mission statements is "To Hand You the Keys for all Positive" (just enjoy it) WizardStar~

May you have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading my blog.