Friday, September 10, 2010

Photochemical (what is that)? Talking on the Body today
This is the combination of fibers, or fermentable dietary fibers, anti-inflammatory and poly phenol antioxidants, in short these are chemical compounds that are in the plants such as beta carotene.
So, today I want to talk on The Bell Pepper Family
Jam packed with our vitamin C, they are effective against cataracts, claimed that they can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes no doubt due to the vitamin C, capsaicin and flavinoids What is a flavinoid? (which is really the plant pigment), (when you see a nice bowl of vegetables and or fruit they get their color from the flavinoid, any rich color veggie or fruit is the one to select, as they are the best for our health. The Bell pepper can help against blood clots and can even be a factor in reduction of cholesterol levels.
Cholesterol, is the plaque that forms in the veins causing stenosis, or a narrowing of the vein, the blood flow is limited, and eventually if bad enough, can be the cause of stroke, heart attack, or PAD which is peripheral artery disease. If you do have high cholesterol, start eating a veggie diet, very little meat, exercise, and start helping reverse the process. Oatmeal and pecans are great little cholesterol reducers.
I personally love the bell pepper family, and ensure I eat one everyday be it yellow, red or green. They taste great, are super healthy and look wonderful as a side dish on your plate. A key to eating healthy, is making it look great as well. ~~ Have a great day, and eat clean~

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