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Monday, September 20, 2010

Pecans are a natural source of vitamin E a fantastic antioxidant that zap free radicals. They are good for the body but great for the mind too! I eat a handful about 18 halves a day, they help  with  coronary heart disease, and can help  lower the bad LDL cholesterol which can clog arteries, Yikes! Pecans, the little wonder food can even help reduce the chances of cancer. Approximately 21 pecan halves are equal to 195 calorie's, so you are looking at about one ounce as a nice pick me up or place them in the kids lunch box for a treat. I love mine on my daily salad. Pecans have fiber, and NO SODIUM (how nice is that)! They do have calcium, potassium and some zinc along with magnesium and protein. It's a win win  when you  have your handful of pecans a day.  Hooray for nut trees!

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