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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A warm welcome to you all:

I have created this blog to hopefully provide awareness on a number of topics, and I hope you visit often and enjoy this peace filled creative place, perhaps I should of named it (the Spiritual Couch) or spa or haven. I just want you to enjoy your time here it will be well spent. I love to teach, mentor, provide insight and I will write on topics that hopefully resonate with you. Leaving you with food for thought or something to add to your tool box of spiritual of growth whilst we are on this earthen journey yet I am sure you feel sometimes you float just in-between heaven and earth gathering information, socking it away in the subconscious to be used later on. As we are all universally connected on the Karmic Wheel of the journey of life.

I write about real situations, things that will apply to your life, things to help you live better, eat better, spiritual growth, medical insight, topics that are deep, and some that will be lighthearted. One of my mission statements is "To Hand You the Keys for all Positive" (just enjoy it) WizardStar~

May you have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading my blog.

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