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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Sunflower Seeds are good for your health.

Sunflower seeds are at least 20 percent protein they also contain about  50 percent of oil, contain unsaturated fats, they have linoleic acid in them, that which helps cholesterol deposits in arteries and veins. If you are trying to change eating habits or have addiction of  high fat foods you may want to eat sun seeds, due to the fact that they are  a great alternative to chips and crisps etc, and they can help break  cravings? Voila another little  wonder food  mother nature gave us. There is iron in sun seeds and if you don't mind skipping some meat now  and then why not eat some sun seeds and pecans or walnut meats  in place of red meat. Sunflower seeds  are loaded with potassium which of  course helps reduce sodium in the body, they have a source of magnesium too which indeed helps to absorb calcium, keeping in mind strong bones and teeth, so in short  sunflower seeds are a high source of B vitamins, and B vitamins look after a nice glowing skin and a smiling digestive track, be good to your brain and have some sun seeds. Raw ones are  better for you, I eat them  in every salad. I purchase mine at the health food store and keep them in the fridge. Ensure you do not buy processed ones  as they loose the value, eat raw! I personally love the look of sunflowers they are always happy! My dad has  always grown many of them in  his garden for years, now, I snapped a photo of this one to share with you.  Have a great day.. I will be making a few more posts on foods ....  next up  will be  Crystals .... 

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